Saturday, November 1, 2008

BC Rocks!

Today I was up in Brigham City for their Annual Women's Forum. It was so nice to meet such wonderful ladies all gathered to celebrate the feminine spirit! As keynote speaker, I focused on staying out of stress and drama....and staying connected with your higher self, balanced and re-energizing your life's passion. We laughed and chatted....and then it was time for the breakout sessions.

I had the most considerate assistants who helped me demonstrate stuffing wontons and frying up some delicious holiday appetizers. We made a South of the Border
stuffing and, a Pizza I shared lots of tips on how to make wonderful desserts with cheesecake, fudge, even pumpkin pie filling. Everyone got a taste and I signed lots of cookbooks. All in all it was a lovely Saturday. Special thanks to Joan Bell for the invitation - you are truly a beautiful woman.

One of the audience members took these I wanted to share. If you're feeling stressed out, run down and out of sorts...please let me know. I'd love to come visit with your group too!

Until next time,

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