Monday, December 29, 2008

Ahhhhh...That Feels Good!

Happy after-Christmas everybody....and now a confession:
I've been collecting cookbooks for years now...and I've had up to 3,000 at one time. Yes, it's a sickness but I took the first step to recovery over our long holiday weekend. I spent hours deciding which ones to keep and which ones to donate. Believe it or not I now only have about 500. My cookbook library looks so empty and the ones that are left look lonely!
We're all singing "Simplify!" so I took it to heart. All those cookbooks were just making me feel guilty for not paying attention to them....or I had promised myself that I would go through them and clip out the recipes that I just had to keep (but it didn't get done).
As I left this morning, I looked back at the many, many grocery sacks full of cookbooks for one last goodbye. So long to all the casseroles and grill-out recipes, the appetizer and salad dressing recipes, the desserts, the dips, the salads and soups. I have to stop now because I'm feeling a little "Seussical".
I actually do feel a bit lighter...a little less responsible...a lot more grateful for the cookbooks that remain.

Until next time,


Tiffany said...

It's so nice to clear the clutter. It just makes you feel good when things are organized and clean :-) Good for you!

Hailey S. said...

Angel I love yor food blog.You should check out one called You will love it!

Amber said...

Angel-Happy Holidays! Buddy is growing so quick! Don't you wish that you could freeze him some days? And kuddos to you for clearing things out! I never really got to thank you for taking my nerves away when I went on Good Things Utah for the Viewer Chef Challenge. You were such a big help to me! Thanks!