Friday, December 5, 2008

Updated Website

Sorry I haven't checked in since just before Thanksgiving! Time flys by this time of year doesn't it? We have one pathetic little string of Christmas lights in our front window and the rest of our decorations have been in a holding pattern on the back patio since last weekend! Oh well, I expect I'll get my little tree out, my kitty ornaments, my Santa Collection and more put up over the next few days.

In the meantime, my website is getting a facelift and it looks terrific thanks to some very talented people that I work with. Please visit it and let me know what you think at New logo, extras, links, etc....and I've been busy writing little descriptions of each recipe. Wow! I didn't know there were so many on the site! Anyway, it should be completed entirely by the first of the year and I hope you enjoy the new look.

Earlier this week I did another Macey's Little Theatre Cooking Class in Sandy. We made the Angel Food Pound Cake and the Sugared Fairy Pecans. The best part was the end since we decided to cut the cake into cubes, top it with ice cream and chocolate sauce and top it with the pecans. Delicious! You'll find both of those recipes in my Stick of Butter Cookbook, available through Barnes and Noble and Seagull Books as well as on

I hope you're taking care of yourself, staying out of stress and in the holiday spirit. Life can be so distracting but if you'll just remember to give yourself some quiet moments throughout the day, the payback will be huge. If we can't hear our own inner voice we certainly can't hear any Divine guidance, right? Our only job here is to live joyously....write that down and keep it close. In the middle of chaos, just remembering to live joyously will bring you peace and calm, giving you a new perspective on any situation.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll check back soon. By the way, I love your comments...they always make my day!

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