Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Associated Food Stores Christmas Party

I'm so lucky to work with AFS. What a nice group of people who show their appreciation and loyalty to their employees! As you know, that's hard to find these days so I am truly blessed to be part of this organization. Last weekend we had our annual Christmas party. Held in the morning at a local movie complex, it's designed so that employees can bring their children to play games and sit on Santa's lap...plus watch a movie of their choice. It was truly a party filled with laughter and holiday cheer...and I've brought along proof! Check out these photos of my friends and AFS Family.



Tinabean said...

HI Angel I LOVE watching you on GTU & your recipe's are great.
I have to tell you that AFS is an AWESOME company I used to work for them at their warehouse in farr west.
My husband also worked for them for like 11 years.
He was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and lost his battle june 2 2004. AFS was amazing to both he & I.
They took amazing care of us & did a fundraiser for our family. The bosses stopped by our house to check on him when he was home sick & they supported him 100%.
We never lost pay or insurance they really cared about our family. They also donated a ton of hams & cheese for the dinner after the funeral.
I have nothing but love for this company they are a rare group these days.

Keep up the great work & I can't wait for your new cookbook! Tina :)

Tranquility Tools said...

I know...I'm more happy here with each passing day. What nice people and how kind! I hope you're doing better and that life has settled down a bit for you. Looks like you went through some pretty difficult times. Thanks Tinabean...and I hope to hear from you again.

PS: My dessert cookbook comes out in the Fall....just in time for the holidays!